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YH-351 Solder Paste 35 Grams

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About the Product

YH-351 No Clean Solder Paste

Technical Parameters

  • Alloy:Sn63/Pb37
  • Model:YH-351
  • Name: solder paste slurry
  • Capacity: About 35g/ bottles
  • Melting point: 183?
  • Shelf life: 12 months (0~10?refrigerated)
  • Long durability and strong welding ability:0~10? cold storage environment, the shelf life for up to 12 months,
  • the adhesive force lasting, not easy to change


The high impedance, high activity, significantly improve the gloss and the full extent of solder joints


  1. The preservation of the solder paste slurry must be in sealed form stored in the refrigerator of constant temperature and humidity, such as temperature, solder paste alloy powder and flux of chemical reaction, make the viscosity rise and affect its performance;Such as the temperature is too low (below zero), flux composition of rosin crystallization phenomenon will happen, in the solder paste shape is deteriorating.
  2. The solder paste slurry from cannot be used directly out of the refrigerator, in order to avoid water vapor condensation in the air and mixed with among them, must be in the greenhouse temperature, do not use heating methods to make it back to the temperature, that would make the solder paste slurry performance degradation
  3. After the application of solder paste slurry, placed too long will due to solvent evaporation at room temperature environment, absorb the performance degradation due to reasons such as water, because it is necessary to shorten the waiting time into the reflow soldering
  4. The use of knife and other tools before the full mixing of solder paste slurry, so that the solder paste slurry internal uniform particles, and maintain good viscosity.
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