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YIHUA 899D-II Rework Station

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About the Product

YIHUA 899D-II Rework Station


  • Application of PID programmable temperature control technology, applied the most high-end precision PID program, the machine can track the actual temperature of the soldering station in the high speed, and correct the temperature. The temperature compensation speed is fast, and the deviation is small.
  • With hot air gun and soldering station function.
  • Anti-static design, protecting components from being damaged by static electricity or leakage.
  • The machine design has the following humanization features.
    • Digital temperature correction function:
      When the temperature appears deviation because of environmental impact or replacing the spare parts such as heating element, soldering iron, you can use this function to correct.
    • Celsius / Fahrenheit Temperature Display Function:
      The temperature display mode designed to meet the needs of different regions of the market and it can be selected according to your customary interests.
    • Sleep function:
      The soldering iron automatically detects when it is unattended and not in use,pauses for a set duration prior to sleep mode, and automatically cools to 200°C. It will then enter sleep mode to prevent soldering iron oxidation and effectively extend soldering iron head service life while retaining energy savings and environmental protection. The Sleep time can be set to: 2 minutes, 10 minutes,30 minutes, If the sleep function is not necessary for the soldering iron, the sleep time should be set to 0.
    • Protection function for air gun fan malfunction: at the process of using the air gun, the air gun features shutoff protection functionality that automatically turns off the heating element when the fan is stopped to protect handle and ensure safe operation.
    • Air gun automatic / manual function
      a. When you select the automatic function, and the air gun handle is placed back to the handle holder, the machine is automatically cut off and the heating body cools down, effectively prolonging the useful life of the heating body and saving energy. When the safety factor of rebooting the machine is extremely high, it can effectively prevent fire or other safety incidents caused by the machine turning on for unknown reasons and the hot air gun being stored in some other place..
      b. When the air gun is frequently used, switching to manual mode disables automatic cool down when the handle is docked in the holder! Please switch to the automatic function after using the manual function to improve security!
    • Cold/hot air conversion at the flip of a button: Simply press the regulator and switch between cold and hot air , When switching to cool air, the air gun heating element will stop heating, and the fan works to provide air for
      the convenience to cool down the heating component.


Power consumption 720W
Gun Temperature range 100-480°C
Gun heater material Ferro-alloys
Gun heater resistance 74Ω
Gun type Brushless Fan
air flow 120L/min
Soldering Iron Temperature range 200-480°C
soldering Iron Type Blue Handle
Soldering Iron Heater material Imported high-power heater
Soldering Iron heater power 60W
Gross weight 3.3KG/pcs
Inner box Dimension(cm) 29*20*18
Outer box Dimension(cm) 59.5*41*36
QTY 8PCS PER outer carton


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