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EZO-pH | Atlas Scientific EZO™ pH Circuit

EZO-pH | Atlas Scientific EZO™ pH Circuit

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The Atlas Scientific EZO™ pH circuit is a very sensitive device. This sensitivity is what gives

the pH circuit its accuracy. It also means that the pH circuit can read micro-voltages

bleeding into the water from unnatural sources such as pumps, solenoid valves, or other


When electrical noise interferes with the pH readings, it is common to see rapidly

fluctuating readings or readings that are pinned to 14 or 0. To verify that electrical noise is

causing inaccurate readings, place the pH probe in a cup of water by itself. The readings

should stabilize quickly, confirming that electrical noise was the issue.


1. When reading pH along with other sensors, electrical isolation is strongly recommended.

2. Never build a commercial product without electrical isolation.